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1) Background:
1) Pharmacy premises: 9B Candover Street, London W1W 7DN
1.2) Superintendent pharmacist: Mr Stanley Cohen
1.3) POM supply: will be done in accordance with legally valid prescriptions received from         doctors registered by the GMC in the UK.

2) Website requirements:
2.1) Name of owner of business: Candover Pharmacy LLP
2.2) Pharmacy address: as per 1.1
2.3) Superintendent pharmacist: as per 1.2
2.4) How to confirm the registration status of the pharmacy and pharmacist:
       Pharmacy at:
       Pharmacist at:
2.5) How to make a complaint:

3) Security and Confidentiality:
3.1) Patient information:
3.2) Patient data transmissions:

4) Protecting patient choice:
4.1) Agreement with a prescriber: No agreements have been entered into with prescribers to limit patient choice on obtaining their pharmaceutical services
4.2) Identify the supplying pharmacy: Details on the Home page of
       Patient consent to this pharmacy as supplier:
4.3) Direction of prescriptions has not occurred:

5) Supplying medicines
    Standards: Patients receive the same standard of care as if being provided
    consultancy in the pharmacy premises of Candover Pharmacy
5.1) Supply of non-prescription medicines and supplements
       Does not apply as these items are not supplied by mail order
5.2) Supply of medicines against prescriptions
5.2.1) Patient consent to dispensing pharmacy: Candover Pharmacy

5.2.2) Prescriber and prescription are genuine:
         Copies of all prescibers's licenses retained at dispensing point: Candover Pharmacy
5.2.3) Pharmacist assessment of clinical appropriateness of the prescription:
          The completed Candover Pharmacy standard medical questionnaire is reviewed by the
          pharmacist at the same time as he reviews the patients’ prescription. Should the
          pharmacist have any queries regarding this patient information, he then contacts the
          patient or the prescribing doctor or both before deciding to dispense the medication or not.
5.2.4) Ensure patient receives sufficient information to enable the safe and effective use of the
         A drug monograph, comprising full drug information, is included in the parcel with the
        medication, shipped to the patient.
5.2.5) Patient advice to consult a pharmacist face-to-face:

6) Information and advice
6.1) Generic healthcare advice:
       Provided per drug listed. The patient can review this general information
6.2) Drug information complies with marketing authorisation:
       All drugs offered on the site are compliant with the relevant legislation
6.3) Information details of contra-indications and side effects
       All drugs shipped include a drug monograph detailing this information.
6.4) Advertising compliance with legislation:
      All Internet advertising does not include any specific drug advertisements.

7) Standards
7.1) Delivery mechanism is secure: All deliveries are done by Royal Mail using their secure
      special delivery service which includes a signature being obtained from the recipient prior to delivery.
7.2) Medicine packaging: All deliveries are made using the Royal Mail padded, secure envelopes.
7.3) Delivery audit trail: All deliveries are allocated their own Royal Mail tracking number and
       this schedule of tracking numbers is then available, with signature, for inspection.
7.4) Delivery safeguards patient confidential information:
       All items shipped are addressed to the person concerned who must sign for the delivery.

8) Overseas prescriptions
    No prescriptions are dispensed other than to residents of EU countries

9) Record keeping
9.1) Identity of customers: All orders must be placed using a payment mechanism, such as a
      credit card, that is issued to that particular person. No orders are accepted from a person
      using a third party payment.
9.2) Details of the medicine: The original of the prescription is attached to a copy of the
      dispensing label provided with the medicine and these documents are filed at the pharmacy
      available for inspection.
9.3) Information for decision to supply: The medical questionnaire of each patient is confidential.
      Consequently this information is not retained in hard copy at the pharmacy premises or in
      electronic form at the pharmacy’s computer but is housed in a secure server with access
      permitted only through an allocated pin code known only to the patient.
9.4) Identity of pharmacist responsible for supply: The name of the pharmacist is shown on the
       Home page at:


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